CATALOGUE AND WORKFLOW TOOLS One of the key features of DRILLARIUM is its catalogue that empowers the master control room operator and helps him to locate files from around the workflow, and/or issues in the normal flow of files towards playout. The catalogue has a number of automatic searches such as clips and files needed […]


MCR CLIENT At any time, operator can open a window with the traditional display of the running playlist of a channel with its programme lines, countdowns, etc… and interact with it in the conventional manner. RETURN


AUTOVIA AutoVia window presents all the hardware and software that are being used in the playout of a channel, showing the working status of each device and the redundancy hierarchy that has been defined. This window is where the issues that arise in the playout workflow dealt with to manage them to ensure the efficiency […]

Router Control

ROUTER CONTROL A set of windows is also devoted to the interaction and control of the routers and routing devices (virtual or real) used in the playout. Operator can monitor the automatic functioning or take control and set&take required crosspoints. The routers that are shown can be real routers, parts of real routers or combinations […]


PLAYOUT DRILLARIUM presents all the channels with three levels of detail. In the overview form the operator will only see the countdown to next programme and a single LED for each channel showing the status of the channel, a green LED means everything is good to go. If the LED becomes orange or red or […]