One of the key features of DRILLARIUM is its catalogue that empowers the master control room operator and helps him to locate files from around the workflow, and/or issues in the normal flow of files towards playout. The catalogue has a number of automatic searches such as clips and files needed for certain channel, files that are delayed, not present, etc…. always focussed on the point of view of the playout. DRILLARIUM catalogue window can also be used for searching clips, playlists and graphics throughout the workflow using any parameter including user defined metadata. For the clips, the operator can check all technical data associated with them (wrapper, codec, audio, VBI, subtitles…), see the proxy copy of the file and read the metadata and also can consult the history of the clip since was first uploaded in the database and see in which locations and disks it is present. Added to this the catalogue window shows the lists of tasks being performed as part of the automated workflow (downloading, copying, checking, rewrapping, recoding…) and allows the operator to change priorities i.e. by pushing forward clips that are needed more urgently than others.